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At first glance, this work appears to be a three-dimensional work in the shape of a cube. But in fact, it is a book. And its contents are made up of drawings. It looks like a cube, but it is a drawing work.

Drawings are daily experimental records, thoughts, and notes, and are also used as a means to embody the unconscious of his mind. For him, drawing is also a substitute for words.

Such an ordinary "paper line" is folded in the middle and bound like a book. By doing so, a cube like this with a new code on the side is created. The overlapping daily records create a sense of "time" and "continuity.

This work is a collaborative project with an artist (musician and composer). The composer creates music based on these chords, and Hiroyuki creates new codes based on the music.

Name of the song this time: "And mellow lights will dampen " Composer:CIRCA ALTO

Hiroyuki Abe


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